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Throw Back Thursday :-)

Okay, I thought I'd try a new thing this year. I'm under no illusions that I'll remember to do this every Thursday, but I'm gonna try :)

Throw Back Thursday! Today it's an old survey I took. It was actually my very first livejournal entry waaaay back in 2005. I know, I know, I'm a babe in the woods compared to some of you lol, but hey.
The original survey and answers can be found here but I must warn you, for some reason, I misspelled Hewlett every damn time I typed it. Yeah, its an embarrassment... but I couldn't go back and fix it. Now the survey link is dead, but you all can feel free to copy/paste and post this on your journal and add your own answers if you'd like.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Tell Me About Yourself...... The Survey^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Name: Amanda
birth date: July, 2, 1978
birth place: Columbus Ohio
current location: Indianapolis Indiana
eye color: Hazel (sometimes greenish, sometimes brownish, sometimes blueish... just look at Joe Flanigan's eyes and you'll know what mine look like)
hair color: Currently, Dark Brown. I hope to change that soon though :)
height: approximately 5'5" ish
left handed or right handed: Right handed. If I write with my left hand it looks like a dyslexic 5 year old wrote it. all my letters are backwards lol
your heritage: A little bit of a lot of things. Some Irish, Some Scottish, some German. Mostly Native American though, you can see it in the bone structure of my face :)
the shoes you wore today: big grey Reebok shoes that kind of look like CyberMan feet (that's why I bought them :) )
your weakness: hmmm, Chicken Kiev! I could eat those until I exploded like Mr. Creosote... that's disgusting, I know, but they're delicious!!!
your fears: Still spiders. Big ones, little ones... even dead ones. I'm terrified of them!
your perfect pizza: extra cheese, pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, mushrooms, onions. Basically a supreme with extra cheese..... with a stuffed crust! mmmm yes, please!
a goal you'd like to achieve this year: same as usual, lose weight, save money, get a job I like going to a little better than the one I have now. finish my CDA (child development accreditation).
your most overused phrase on an instant messenger: I don't use IM's anymore, so I'll use Texts and Twitter. It's hard to choose between OMFG, LOL, LMAO, WTF and WTFE and WTAF.
thoughts upon first waking up: OMG, really! It's morning already? I have to be at work soon? damn. or on the weekend it's Holy Shit! It's eleven already!
best physical feature: I still have to say my eyes. They're what most people notice first about me.
your bedtime: I usually try to be in bed by 11 on week nights... but that rarely happens these days (that's the reason for my waking up answer above).
your most missed memory: I still don't understand this question. How can you miss a memory? If you don't remember it you can't miss it.
pepsi or coke: still coke. Cherry coke and regular coke are the best!
McDonalds or Burger King: Burger King now because McDonalds hurts my stomach every damn time!
single or group dates: that depends. If it's a romantic date, single. If it's a let's just have fun date, group. Not that a single date can't be fun. But, say it's a bowling date, the more bowlers you have, the more fun you have.
Lipton Iced Tea or Nestea Iced Tea: I don't have a preference. As long as it's bags... I can't stand instant tea, the taste of it makes me want to vomit!
chocolate or vanilla: Usually chocolate, but vanilla for ice cream.
cappuccino or coffee: Coffee, with french vanilla creamer.
do you smoke: yes, but we're trying to quit.
do you swear: fuck yeah!
do you sing: still only in the shower or the car when I'm alone or with Jo. I have to be really freaking drunk to sing in public because I don't think I do it very well. lol
have you been in love: yes
do you want to go to college: tried that, couldn't afford it. I'd like to try it again with better results though.
do you want to get married: it isn't a pressing need. if it happens, it happens.
do you believe in yourself: most of the time.
do you get motion sickness: never have before.
do you think you're attractive: yeah.
are you a health freak: Not yet, but I hope to be someday.
do you get along with your parents: yes, I always have.
do you like thunderstorms: I absolutely LOVE thunderstorms!
do you play an instrument: no, I tried to play bass clarinet when I was young and didn't have the lung power. It didn't help that I couldn't read music if it'd save my life.

**********IN THE PAST MONTH HAVE YOU...**********
smoked: yes
taken drugs: No
gone on a date: Jo and I have movie dates, but not in the past month.
gone to the mall: unfortunately. I hate the mall, especially around christmas time.
eaten a box of oreos: I've never eaten a whole box or oreos in one go.
eaten sushi: No, but I can now say that I HAVE eaten it. And one of them was really good.
been on stage: no
been dumped: nope
gone skinny dipping: I haven't been skinny dipping in a couple of years.
stolen anything: no
been drunk: oh now here's the question... lol. Yes, I've been drunk a few times in the last month.

**********HAVE YOU EVER BEEN...**********
called a tease: yes, but only in a joking way lol
beaten up: No
shop lifted: Once, but it was an accident.

how do you want to die: I'm going to have to say, peacefully and in a place where Cassie wouldn't be the one to find me.
what do you want to be when you grow up: a big kid.
what country would you most like to visit: Ireland! (and just to poke at Jo... Alaska. haha I know it's part of the US.)

**********IN A BOY/GIRL**********
favorite eye color doesn't matter.
favorite hair color: doesn't matter
long hair or short hair: usually short hair in a guy. In a girl, it depends on the girl.
height: doesn't matter
weight: doesn't matter

**********ABOUT YOU**********

best clothing style: Jeans, tee-shirts, comfy shoes or boots.
number of drugs you've taken: in my life? a couple joints.
number of CDs you own: dang, I don't even know. Are we counting actual albums or iTunes too? it's an innumerable amount.
number of piercings: 4 (yup, I've gone down one. Took my tongue piercing out.)
number of tattoos: 4 but I'm going to get another one soon I hope.
number of things in the past you regret: There are a few relationships I regret, one I'd like to regret but can't because he gave me Cassie. Other than that, I can't recall anything I regret. I call that a victory :)

And there you have it! Not many of my answers have changed in 8-9 years. IDK if that's a good thing or a bad thing. hahaha

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