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Grandview Master List!!

Here they are, it absolutely 100% correct order!!

1. Coming Home

Summary: Rodney huffed and rolled his eyes. John just looked at him and smiled. “And maybe even a family.” He said, knowing beyond any shadow of doubt that ‘family’ was the word the real estate woman used in her speech with every other couple she showed the house to. He decided that he’d be gracious and give her a chance to not have to make up a new, politically correct, speech on the fly.

2.2734 North Grandview Blvd

Summary: “Your first night with your lovely monochromatic kitchen and you’re going to order out?” Rodney asked sarcastically.

3. No Regrets

Summary: Thunder rumbled heavily overhead and lightning crashed not far from Grandview Boulevard. John and Rodney lay snuggled together on their overstuffed mattress, surround by the thick comforter.


Summary: John moaned louder and Rodney sped up his movements and began rocking his hips forward, pressing his own erection into the cheek of John’s ass. He pressed his mouth to John’s ear and kissed it before whispering, “give me that John, make me a baby. Make us a baby, come John, come for our baby.”

5. Natural Progression

Summary: Rodney and John gaped at exactly how big she was getting, they knew she was growing, but with the maternity clothes they couldn’t tell how much. But now with her belly exposed the two of them were able to get a grip on just how far their baby had progressed in life.

Summary: John looked around the table at his friends and family, his eyes locked on Rodney’s and they shared a quiet moment amidst the hum of chaos.

7. What's in a name
Summary: John took Rodney’s beer and sat it on the coffee table. “You’ve had enough when you start suggesting names of people who lived BC.”

8. The Nursery
Summary: Rodney tilted his head to the side in disbelief. “John, all the things we’ve done together, all the crap we’ve been through and I’ve never seen you give up. How can shopping for the nursery bring you down so far so fast?”

9. Delivery
Summary: They arrived at the hospital an hour early as instructed and by nine thirty Jeanie was in a room, lying on the bed and filling out the paper work to relinquish her parental rights and for Rodney to become Nathan’s legal second parent.

10. One Month
Summary: Nathan was just over a month old now and a few days ago out of the blue he started crying a new cry.

11. Pictures
Summary: He looked at the display on the screen and smiled. Rodney was in the middle of the ‘ddy’ and looked like he had a huge smile on his face. Nathan *did* have a huge smile on his face, his little arms reaching for Rodney,

12. Quality Time
Summary: “Wave to daddy,” John said and waved Nathan’s arm for him.

13. Distance
Summary: I’ll research it; I’ll send a message to Zelenka telling him to research it. I want you to stop worrying about this John. I’ll make sure nothing happens. I swear to you, I am not talking about an uninhabited solar system here; I’m talking about my husband, our family.

14.The Decision
Summary: “Everything you ever wanted to know about an ancient device that can make men pregnant but were afraid to ask.”

15. Happy Birthday Nathan
Summary: “Alright Nath,” John said, “this is it, just like we practiced, big breath and…”

16. Sensitivity
Summary: The lights faded and the vial emerged from the top of the device.

17. Results
Summary: “Couldn’t we just get the home pregnancy test?”

18. Emotional
Summary: Rodney woke up when he turned over and didn’t feel the resistance of John pressed against his back. He turned on the lamp and put his hand on John’s side of the bed and felt the chill of the sheets that indicated that John hadn’t been there for awhile.

19. First Steps
Summary: John was on the couch with a bowl of grapes; Rodney was sitting in Ronon’s chair flipping through channels, apparently John wanted the couch all to himself, and Nathan was standing at the coffee table beating the hell out of the top of it with a toy peg hammer.

20. Field Trip
Summary: Nathan picked up a rectangle and looked at it with his brow furrowed in a purely John Sheppard fashion before looking up at Rodney and asking “yellow?”

21. Off World
Summary: John blew out a sharp breath and wished that he’d been allowed to wear a more comfortable pair of shoes. Fifteen weeks along, his first time off world since he got pregnant and his feet picked today to swell.

22. First Moves
John scrubbed the spaghetti sauce off the plate and handed it to Rodney who ran it under water so hot it would melt plastic, then he turned his head and stole a glance at his husband.

23. When life Gives You
Summary: All the amusement that had been on John’s face drained in a second. Rodney would even bet that John’s color had paled at least one shade, and he felt a little bit bad for being the one who made that happen, especially since John hadn’t even lost that much of his tan when he was puking his guts up every fifteen minutes.

24. November Showers
Summary: So John would go out back for a couple of hours in the afternoon. He’d lie on the hammock with War and Peace, or the news paper, or something, with a pair of headphones under his shirt playing Johnny Cash into his belly.

25. Morning Conversations
Summary: Nathan looked up at John and put his finger to his lips. “Shh, dada doe nigh-nigh,” he said quietly.

26. A Day in The Backyard
Summary: John negotiated a compromise by promising Nathan that daddy would push him when he got finished painting if he’d play in the sand box for now.

27. 14 Weeks to Go
Summary: “Pantakes!” Nathan said excitedly.
John chuckled. Pancakes were something Rodney and his infinite wisdom had introduced Nathan to and the boy had never been able to get enough. “Okay,” he said, “pancakes it is.”

28. What Dreams May Come
Summary: John felt his heart skip and his stomach flutter as the door to his private room slid open and Dr. Lam carried a tiny blue bundle toward him.

29. Almost There
Summary: And when it’s all over, you and I will walk out of the SGC with both our sons. We’ll be a family of four, you, me, Nathan and Owen.

30. The Big Day
Summary: John wasn’t sure why, but for some reason they sat him in a wheelchair when they got to the SGC. Nathan was sitting on what was left of John’s lap with his arms stretched out to the sides.

31. Beautiful
John was sleeping on the couch and Grace was in her bassinette, Rodney had just put Nathan down for his nap and that left him with nothing to do. He thought about leaning back in Ronon’s big chair and making it family naptime, but he wasn’t tired.

32. Long Thoughts
Summary: When Rodney was thinking, he liked to sit down, of course that could be because he thinks so much that standing to do it would be too tiring.

33. Hooway For Wodney
Summary: If I can make a fully functional hyper drive for a puddle jumper, that I invented in my partially ascended state I might add, I think I can handle teaching our son how to say his S’s.”

34. Sleeping Through the Night 
Summary: “Nathan sleeps through the night, and Grace wakes up every two and a half hours, give or take a few minutes, and I just put her back down forty five minutes ago. That gives us just under two hours; I think we can get the job done by then.”

35.Winter Weather Advisory
Summary: John sighed as he pushed his cart through the grocery store; Grace was sleeping in her car seat in the front, blissfully unaware of the chaos.




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Jan. 6th, 2011 06:41 am (UTC)
Now I have to go through these and make sure I've read them all.

Such a chore. XD
Jan. 16th, 2011 04:33 am (UTC)
Adding this to my memories so that I can finish it up tomorrow. I'm sure I've spammed your inbox more than enough for tonight. Haha. Amazing series! ♥
Jan. 16th, 2011 07:15 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I didn't mind... it was good spam :D
So happy you're enjoying the series :D
Apr. 12th, 2011 03:55 am (UTC)
Such a wonderful series!
Apr. 12th, 2011 12:18 pm (UTC)
Thank you. It isn't over yet either. But I'm thinking I need to skip some tome and grow grace up a little. Everything to do with a baby was done with Nath. That's why I'm having trouble with new chapters. Lol

Thanks for reading! I'm so glad you liked it!
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