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Happy birthday Calcitrix!!

A couple years ago, padfootthegrim and I were looking for roomies for ChiCon. We totally freaked the fuck out when we scored calcitrix! She was(is) famous to us because of her art and fic... It was like rooming with a celeb!!
Now she's our very dear friend... And she loves us even though she knows us! And she laughs with us when we make fools of ourselves(usually me).

So, happy birthday to my dear friend Calcitrix! We love you too! :-D

Here's a picture for you that would most likely be true if I had actually tried to do it :)

FIC: Friend Like Me- McShep- Rated G

Title: Friend Like Me
Pairing: John Sheppard/Rodney McKay
Rating: G
Word Count: 654 (pre header)
Disclaimer: They’re not mine….. but they should be!
Prompt: Kink Bingo Space: Plushie or Furry Kink
Summary: Young John and Rodney work at Disney World. John is Prince Aladdin and Rodney is the Genie.
Author’s Notes: This probably only fits this square very loosely but it amused the crap out of me to think about John and Rodney in Disney Character costumes. Obviously the title is taken from the Disney movie Aladdin. Beta By padfootthegrim

Friend Like MeCollapse )
What is the matter with LJ? Why does it hate iPhones so much? It would be really nice if I could still post to live journal from my phone! Dang It!!


So, this morning I tweeted "Dear last nights dream,
Wtf? No seriously, what the actual fuck even was that? Please explain.
Love Amanda."

Wanna know why? This is why.... Be warned that ahead there is some serious crack!

Dream sept 10

I went to a meeting place to watch saving hope with other fans. I had the key to this place. When I got there an opened it (with key) no one was there, but Joe Flanigan was sleeping on a couch on the side wall. 
I said, "oh shit, I'm sorry, I thought this was the meeting place. Funny how my key worked."
When I looked at the key it ha become several (maybe three) keys on a ring. I said, "huh."
Joe sat up and motioned me over so I went and sat with him. We talked about stuff, general everyday normal stuff. 
It was dark, night time. His kids came running out of the house (yes, the "meeting place" was apparently Joe's porch o.O) .
He said, "damn I'm tired, wake me up if you need anything," and he laid back down. 
I was like "um.... K."
Then the kids (why is it that every time I dream of Joe and his kids, Fergus is always a girl?!) started shouting. I was all um...... Then went outside to see what was going on. There was an old school type bus in the yard and the kids were hanging on it and climbing all over it. 
I woke Joe and said "Yeah, the kids are mauling your school bus."
He said "Damnit!" got up and ushered the kids into the house, dragging me along with him. He told the kids to be good, then he and I went into a room that was like a cross between a dining room and a bathroom (I know! Wtf!?). On the way to this room, Joe closes a door and says "the kids aren'y supposed to go in there." So i lock it with one of my keys. we sit at a tall table and talk more. I don't remember the actual conversations, but they were normal things, no kissing no sex.... Again, I ask you, wtf!
Then Joe looks at me and says "There are some things that I really really want."
I say, "okay, what are they?"
He reaches out, takes my ankle, rests my foot on the edge of his stool between his legs and starts tweezing my leg hair. (I shaved during my shower before I went to bed so I know I have no leg hair...) some of the hairs are like head hair... LLOOOOOOOOOONG! I grab one of those an yank. He says "ah ah, no fair!" and softly smacks my hand.
One of the kids call for him, he looks at me, holds up a finger and says "don't move," and leaves the room through a door in front of me. I start pulling the long hairs out of my leg, and he yells from where ever he is for me to stop. So I stop and get out my phone, and start to text Jo (who has to be at work because it's Thursday night). I get as far as OMFG! Before he comes back in through a door behind me. 
He says "go ahead and finish your text." and leans over my shoulder to watch. I text, 'OMFG! The hairs on my legs grew like weeds over night!'
He laughs and sits back down to his work. 
One o the kids starts vacuuming and joe gets up and closes the door in front of me, which is now a sliding door. When he sits back down, he doesn't pick up the tweezers, but a cigarette. He lights it and we talk more.
No sooner than he puts it out, a woman (Kathryn) comes into the room. They talk for a moment, and then she asks me if I have any conventions coming up. I say "Ooh, yeah! I have starbase Indy in November. It's right here in Indy, Joe you should come!" he says he will.
Kathryn leaves saying she has to go to work, and tells joe not to forget to take care of the kids.
"Like I'd forget that," he says back.

Then it's just me and Joe..... No kids.
I say "where are the kids?"
He says "I put them on the bus to school."
I say "oh. Okay then."
We then move to the living room, that looks like it belongs in a log cabin. We sit on the couch and talk more. 
I say, "you know, you never did tell me the other things you really really want."
He smiles and opens his mouth to speak, then dad is yelling at me to come get Cassie.
I sigh and shake my head, "hold on," I say. I walk through the house and Cassie, dad and Jo are all in the backyard (must be Joe's because it isn't mine) and Cassie is running around like a mad thing.
I call her and call her and she never listens. I count, and she ignores me. I'm pissed at this point, because she usually listens and I never even reach 2 when I do have to count. 
I finally get her in and we all go into the living room. She starts playing in the fireplace where for some reason, Joe has a bunch of VHS tapes. I tell her to stop, and she does.
Joe says "She's a good kid."
There is a horn, and Jo says "BUS!" and everyone (all of us!) go get on the bus.
Joe says "this is gonna be cool," and then starts singing call me maybe... (because that's what was playing on my alarm radio an it was time to get up..... Wtf? I wanna know what happens next!!!!!!!)

An there you have it. Seriously, I want to know what is wrong with my brain!!!
Title: Got You Stuck On My Body Like a Tattoo
Pairing: Jason Markham/Nate Stackhouse
Rating: PG (for a little bit of normal Nate and Jason language)
Word Count: 2,921 Pre-Header
Disclaimer: Neither Atlantis nor her characters belong to me… but they should! Especially Markham and Stackhouse!
Prompt: Kink Bingo Space: Writing on the Body
Summary: Each picture or phrase held the story of another day in that prison, another night spent with empty arms.

Author’s Notes: I suggest reading Away from You by Rinkafic before reading this story. This is a sort of sequel that was inspired by her story. This was done with permission… actually, with encouragement, by the original author.
As usual, thanks to padfootthegrim for the beta. Any remaining mistakes are all mine and I’ll take the credit :)

the storyCollapse )
Title: If it Never Ends Then When Do We Start
Pairing: Jason Markham/Nate Stackhouse
Rating: NC:17 (To be on the safe side. It might only be a heavy R.)
Word Count: 2,009 Pre-Header
Disclaimer: They aren’t mine… but they should be!!
Prompt: Kink Bingo Space: Held Down
Summary: Jason ran out of his medication and Nate is tired of watching him pace.
Author’s Notes: Written for padfootthegrim because she loves it and there isn’t enough of it.
Jo chose the title for this story even though she had no idea what it was about. It comes from a Maroon 5 song titled Sweetest Goodbye… one of her favorites :)
Also, a huge thank you to my Beta clwilson2006 who looked it over because I wrote it as a surprise for my usual Beta. Thanks a ton! Any and all mistakes are mine and I’ll take full credit!

To the goodsCollapse )

Hope you like it Jo!!

ChiCon 2012!!!!!

We're here!!! Me! padfootthegrim and calcitrix at CHICON!!!! We're here and so excited!!!!


Title: Your Hold is Strong
Pairing: Evan Lorne/David Parrish
Rating: NC:17
Word Count: 2,896 (Pre- Header)
Disclaimer: Neither Atlantis nor her characters belong to me…. But they should!!
Prompt: Kink Bingo space: Cross Dressing
Summary: Evan learns something about David… and himself.
Author’s Notes: Thank you as always to my loving and very patient beta padfootthegrim. I’ve learned a lot from her, and I’ve grown because of her guidance and what not. I know… I’m a mush ball! Needless to say, all mistakes are mine, although she was drinking when she beta’d it :)
For clwilson2006

To the kink!Collapse )

un-fandom related rant

I'm going to put this whole thing under a cut. please don't feel like you have to read this, it's just me ranting about crap.

rantCollapse )

I now return you to your regularly scheduled lj.

Thank you clwilson2006

YAY!!! clwilson2006 sent me two months paid account extension for my birthday!
Thank you sweetie!! You're the best!


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