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Grandview Master List!!

Here they are, it absolutely 100% correct order!!

Grandview Master ListCollapse )

Another great song from Jason Aaron Coons

Remember awhile back when I mentioned a fantastic up and coming artist? Some of you watched the video and liked the music, I hope some of you bought his cd either off iTunes or through his website. He's released a few more songs since then. He doesn't have a new cd yet but he's working on it. I've heard a lot of his new unreleased stuff and I CANNOT wait for the new cd to be released!

Here's the video for one of his new songs that you can buy on iTunes.
Please watch/listen/like/buy :)

Please enjoy this song and video and buy his music. Please help this amazing artist become a superstar! He deserves it!


SGA Santa sign ups open tomorrow.

Hey guys. Sorry I've been so absent. Too busy to do more than sleep unfortunately. Sometimes I don't even get to do much sleeping >_<

Anyway, I popped into my email today and saw an email from SGA Santa. I went to the post and they're opening sign ups early this year and they're gonna be open longer because... *sniff* this is going to be their last year :-(
I know all good things must come to an end, but that doesn't mean I have to be happy about it lol

So please, if you've ever wanted to do a story exchange now's the time. If you wrote for the exchange before but haven't for awhile, please join us this year.
If you know anyone who enjoys writing SGA fic encourage them to sign up too. They want this year to pull in numbers like the first few years did and I'd love to see that happen too.

Please join in the fun one last time.
You know it'll be fun ;-)


Rest In Peace my dear friend

The Stargate fandom has sadly lost one of its most wonderful followers. clwilson2006 passed away a couple of days ago after a long battle with an illness. My heart goes out to the blood relations she has left behind, but also to those of us that she touched through fandom. She took a bunch of people who maybe didn't have anything in common outside of Stargate and she brought us together like a family.
I'm going to miss her more than I've ever missed someone I've never met face to face.
She was a beautiful person with a flawless spirit and the world, both real and internet, has a gaping hole in it now.
I'm blessed to have known her, and if you knew her, you're blessed too.
A major cornerstone of this fandom has been lost, but she will never be forgotten.
Rest In Peace my dear friend. We'll miss you so very much!


I'm only posting a link here because the actual fic was too long and I didn't want to be bothered with posting it in sections.

Title: That’s Where I’m Calling From
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Pairing: Steve Mcgarret/Danny Williams
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 23,780 (Pre-header)
Genre: MPreg
Author’s Notes: This is a sequel to padfootthegrim’s fic All I Need (Is Someone To Help Me Find My Way). Written with permission of course. The title of this story is a line from the same song she used for the title of her story. The song is Calling Fairbanks Collect by Pat Fitzgerald and Robin Dale Ford.
Seriously guys, I suck! A lot! And very hard! I have had this damn thing written for about two years! I’ve finally gotten around to posting it! I hope you enjoy it. I know some people have asked about it. I hope I’ve made it worth the wait!
summary: “It’s my fault,” Danny said as if he’d just had a revelation. “They’re both freaks so it’s my fault.”

Without further ado:

That's Where I'm Calling From

Throw Back Thursday :-)

Okay, I thought I'd try a new thing this year. I'm under no illusions that I'll remember to do this every Thursday, but I'm gonna try :)

Throw Back Thursday! Today it's an old survey I took. It was actually my very first livejournal entry waaaay back in 2005. I know, I know, I'm a babe in the woods compared to some of you lol, but hey.
The original survey and answers can be found here but I must warn you, for some reason, I misspelled Hewlett every damn time I typed it. Yeah, its an embarrassment... but I couldn't go back and fix it. Now the survey link is dead, but you all can feel free to copy/paste and post this on your journal and add your own answers if you'd like.
the surveyCollapse )
We've all been interested in an up and coming artist at one point or another, right? Just think where we'd be in our fandom if no one had given David Hewlett a chance to prove what a great actor he could be. Or what if everyone sent Joe Flanigan out the door without even a second glance? What about Kavan Smith and Jon Young? Paul Mcgillion...

Basically, what I'm saying is that I've come across a guy who's trying to get a singing career off the ground. He's good! He's really freaking great! He has a great voice, his songs are good and have meaning, he sings from his heart and he's damn cute(*points to icon*).
I'm not asking you to go straight to iTunes and download his album Numbers without hearing him, although I wouldn't hate you if you did, and I promise that you'd like at least a few of his songs...). All I'm asking is that you go to his channel on Youtube and check him out. He has a few videos up now. "Bestfriend" is the first ever song I heard of his and I was hooked from minute one! "I'm on the Outside" Is the last track from his debut album Numbers and one of my favorite songs I've ever heard from any artist. "Nations" is his new song and video that was just released on 1.1.14. Nations may be my A Number One favorite song!

I'm going to embed "Nations" on this post. Please watch it, if you like it, Please share it! He's very good and can use as much support as we can give him.
Thanks friends!

WAT!? Wat are Christmas?

Let me begin by saying; this is a rant. Please don't feel obligated to read and reply, especially since I haven't posted anything on lj in a long time.
The Rant...Collapse )

Merry Christmas!
Title: Press My Nose to the Glass Around Your Heart
Author’s Notes: Okay, so maybe I wrote this story because padfootthegrim left to visit her family and friends in Alaska for a week, and maybe I had just a tiny bit of trouble getting to sleep that night… maybe.
Also, you should know that hasn’t been Beta’d, as my beta is now in Alaska. (But she’ll be back in a week!)
Word Count: 928 pre header
Rating: G
Summary: Face up, face down, sideways and diagonal, he’d tried all the positions and nothing was working. He’d gotten up three times to get a drink of water then gotten up a fourth time to use the bathroom. He’d counted sheep, imagined his body relaxing one muscle group at a time, and tried some of Teyla’s deep breathing exercises. He’d even had a glass of warm milk, okay so it was only a sip, he didn’t think he’d be able to stomach a whole glass of that shit.
Read on my friendsCollapse )

The Unprofessionals - Alexis Cruz

You guys remember Skaara and Klorel? Well he's all grown up now and helping his very best friend live his dream. Which may be why we haven't seen him in that many movies these days.

Anyway, the book is called The Unprofessionals. Some of you may have seen Alexis tweet about it on Twitter, some of you may have backed it when Alexis put it on KickStarter. I saw it and backed it and now I have the first chapter, all done and signed by Alexis and the writer. What I've seen/read of it is fantastic! I can't wait to read the rest of it!

I'd like to invite you all to go to The Unprofesionals FaceBook page, read about it, look at what other fans have to say about it, and please remember to LIKE the page before you leave.
Every single LIKE counts, probably more than any of us can know. So, please, all I'm asking is that you check it out. If it doesn't interest you, don't buy the book, don't like the page. All I want is to help my flist find a really awesome graphic novel, and help Alexis help his friend achieve his dream.

here's the link. The Unprofessionals

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