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Fic: Behind a Waterfall-Day 11 of Sex on the Fly Rated PG-13

Behind a Waterfall-Day 11 of Sex on the Fly

Rating: PG-13 for sexual content

Word count: 647

Disclaimer: They’re not mine; I’m just playing with them.

Summary: John and Rodney’s rocking hips added to the waves and the water sloshed noisily up between their stomachs.

Thank you to [info]shansgrl  for the beta!


John wrapped his arms around Rodney and pushed him backward. The cool water cascaded down their bodies as they stepped under the waterfall, then they were behind it. The sun was shining through the water and bouncing off the smooth stones of the shallow cave causing a disco ball effect on their skin.         

John had been waiting for this trip for a long time. Teyla had told him about this planet awhile back, she said the weather was always tropical, the waters were clear and it was sparsely populated so there was ample privacy.

He pulled Rodney close and kissed him, pressing his tongue into his mouth while he squeezed Rodney’s ass, pulling his hips closer to his.

“Mmm,” John groaned and ground his erection into Rodney’s hip.

Rodney closed his lips over John’s tongue and sucked; he moaned and ran his hands up John’s chest.

The cool water was up to their waists and the waves caused by the falling water splashed around them. John and Rodney’s rocking hips added to the waves and the water sloshed noisily up between their stomachs.

Rodney’s hands moved around John’s sides, his fingers curling around to his back and pressing into John’s ribs and John grunted and pushed Rodney against the wall.

John didn’t know if it was the place, the water, the fact that they’d never really had the chance to have sex without worrying who was around and who might know, but he was already close. He could feel the heat rising in his stomach, and if Rodney’s short tight breaths were anything to go by, he was just as close.

John laid his palms on the slick wall on either side of Rodney’s head. He shifted his hips so that his and Rodney’s erections were beside one another.

“Ahh,” They both sighed at the contact.

Rodney’s hands slipped down and gripped John’s hips. “Unh” he grunted and began rocking his hips against John’s.

John said Rodney’s name under his breath and began thrusting against him. The water began making a sucking sound as it sloshed up between the wall and the small of Rodney’s back.

“Ah, jeez,” John grunted and pressed his mouth to Rodney’s.

“Mmm,” Rodney moaned into the kiss and pulled John’s hips closer to his own. 

John leaned into Rodney when he turned away from the kiss, then Rodney’s mouth was on John’s shoulder. John hissed and grunted when he felt Rodney’s teeth dig into the flesh.

He sighed as he came, the clear water around them turning cloudy.

Rodney groaned and continued thrusting. John pressed his body tight to Rodney’s to keep the friction on Rodney’s dick constant, and a moment later Rodney stiffened and groaned John’s name.

Rodney laid his forehead on John’s shoulder and John turned his head and kissed the soft spot behind Rodney’s earlobe.

John sighed when Rodney wriggled from his spot between John and the wall. 

“I’m ready for a nap,” Rodney said and stepped under the waterfall.

John stayed where he was for a moment longer, watching through the water fall as Rodney’s quivering figure walked away. He looked around as the light danced over the walls, throwing tiny dots of color on the slick black rock. He smiled as he imagined being with Rodney behind the waterfall at night. How different would it be with the light from the moon rather than the sun? He sighed and stepped under the waterfall. He shook his head like a wet dog, and then walked through the water toward the shore where he and Rodney had set up their tent.

Rodney would no doubt be in the tent, probably on his stomach, and more than likely still naked. It would be easy for John to play with him some more, but he’d let Rodney get some rest. He fully intended on having Rodney behind that waterfall again tonight.


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