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Fic: Office-Day 12 of Sex on the Fly Rated R

Office-Day 12 of Sex on the Fly

Rating: R

Word count: 1,881

Disclaimer: They’re not mine; I’m just playing with them!

Summary: John loved how naïve Rodney could be at times. If he walked into a room and the normally clear walls were dark, and Rodney was perched on the edge of a desk, he’d know right away that sex was on Rodney’s mind.
A/N: This fic has a totally different feel than the previous stories. This one has a slower and less frantic feel and it gives us a little look into John's head!

Thanks once again to [info]shansgrl  for the beta! She’s been fantastic!!


John leaned his butt on the edge of the desk that would be his for another two hours.

He’d been in charge of the city before, but something was always happening, someone was always in danger. But the last month had been fairly calm and quiet in Pegasus, and John’s nerves were always on edge when things were calm and quiet. There were only three things that calmed John’s nerves when he was this high strung. He’d sent Ronon off world with Lorne’s team, and Teyla was busy with Torren’s cold so sparring was out. He needed to stay where he could easily be reached in case of an emergency, and he couldn’t hear his radio in the firing range so shooting his gun is out. That only left one thing, so John called an emergency meeting with the head of the science department.

John concentrated and darkened the windows around the office. It was a feature Elizabeth rarely used and John didn’t think Woolsey even knew about it.

Rodney walked in and looked around at the dark windows before his eyes settled on John. “What’s going on?” he asked.

John loved how naïve Rodney could be at times. If he walked into a room and the normally clear walls were dark, and Rodney was perched on the edge of a desk, he’d know right away that sex was on Rodney’s mind.

“A better question might be, ‘what’s up’,” John said and raised his eyebrows.

Rodney scoffed and rolled his eyes. “You’re such a dork,” he commented.  

John was pleased to see that his dorkiness hadn’t deterred Rodney from crossing the room to stand in front of him.

John put his hands on Rodney’s hips but resisted the urge to pull him close.

John had been within earshot of Rodney since Woolsey had stepped through the gate to earth. He couldn’t stop thinking about Rodney being kidnapped the last time he’d been left in charge of the city. So much had gone wrong that time, the gate had been destroyed, they’d damaged their tentative alliance with Todd’s hive, Daniel Jackson had almost been killed, which General O’Neill would have had heads for, and worst of all, he’d allowed Rodney to be taken from right under his nose.

John had gone insane with Rodney in enemy hands and he would have done whatever needed to be done to get him back, even if that meant letting innocent people die. Luckily it hadn’t come to that, but John couldn’t say what would have happened if they hadn’t needed the Daedalus’ Asgard beam to get Rodney and Daniel out of that complex. That had kept John awake at night for awhile afterward, he would have been willing to let the people he’d come to think of as his friends die in order to save Rodney. He’d never felt like that before, not even with Nancy, and he had to admit, if only to himself, that it was a little scary.

“Are you alright?”

Rodney’s voice was soft and concerned when he spoke, pulling John back to the present.

John smiled softly. “I’m fine.” He pulled Rodney to him now, his right knee pressing between Rodney’s thighs. “Just thinking,” he finished.

Rodney’s hands went to John’s shoulders at the point where they ran into his neck and gently kneaded the muscle.

“You’re tight,” Rodney told him.

“Yeah,” John replied as if Rodney had asked him a question. “Been a little stressed lately.”

It wasn’t a lie, John had gone through every bad thing that had happened to Rodney since they came to Atlantis and had come to the conclusion that he wasn’t going to let anything else happen to him.

In theory it was easy, but in reality John had run himself ragged keeping tabs on where Rodney was, and who was around him, and making sure all security protocols were in place and being followed to the letter.

“I can fix that,” Rodney whispered, and then his mouth was on John’s jaw line tracing soft kisses to his ear.

“Mmm,” John hummed and closed his eyes when Rodney kissed him behind the ear. He turned his head and kissed Rodney’s neck, then his cheek and finally captured his mouth. The kiss was soft and tender at the start, but it quickly deepened. John moved his hands from Rodney’s hips and cupped them over his ears, holding him in place as he melted into Rodney’s mouth.

There were times when John thought that Rodney was the only thing keeping him going, when Rodney was his anchor to reality. Rodney had somehow sparked things inside John that he wasn’t quite sure what to do with, and sometimes they made John want to get as far away from Rodney as possible, and other times, like now, when John needed to be near him.

John’s initial intention for calling Rodney here was to have hot and dirty sex with him, but now it didn’t seem to matter. He still wanted Rodney, he always wanted him, but just having Rodney’s hands on him was enough to still his racing mind. He felt the tension melting out of him and that was enough for now.

Rodney, on the other hand, seemed to want more. His hands were sliding down from John’s shoulders, down his arms to his chest, then over John’s stomach to rest on John’s hips, just on either side of his dick.

Rodney pulled away from the kiss and looked John in the eyes, “It’s alright,” he whispered. “We’re okay.”

That was the thing about Rodney. Over John’s lifetime he’d gotten good at blocking himself from the rest of the world, he only let them see what he wanted them to see. But Rodney could read him like a book; he always knew what John was feeling or thinking, he always knew what John wanted or what he needed. Rodney had told him once that he knew that John was vulnerable. John had protested that at the time, and would again later, but times like this, when things caught up with him and he had enough down time for things to set in and he had time to think about what could have happened, he knew that Rodney was right, he was vulnerable sometimes. When he was with Rodney, that was okay, he could allow himself a few minutes of vulnerability because Rodney would take up the slack.

“Yeah,” John said quietly, “we are.” He leaned in and kissed Rodney again.

Rodney’s hands were moving now, and John knew he was working on getting his buttons undone. John leaned back just a little and Rodney leaned with him keeping their lips together.

John moaned into Rodney’s mouth when his erection was freed and Rodney wrapped his hand around it loosely.

Rodney finally broke the kiss and put his hand on John’s chest. John lay back on the desk when Rodney gently pushed him down.

Rodney was kissing his jaw line again, that seemed to be his favorite place on John’s body, kissing down to his chin, on the soft spot under his chin, then his adam’s apple.

John’s groaned eagerly when Rodney began sucking on his collar bone. He ran his hands up Rodney’s sides, under his shirt. Rodney’s skin was soft and hot under his fingers and John wanted to feel every inch of it. He wanted Rodney naked on top of him; he wanted to touch every part of Rodney, just to make sure it was all there. But before he could find his voice, Rodney had moved down again. Rodney lifted John’s shirt and John’s stomach jumped when Rodney dipped his tongue into his belly button.

John’s dick was so hard it was throbbing and Rodney was taking his time, licking John’s stomach, kissing it, and the head of John’s cock was brushing the chest of Rodney’s shirt, the normally soft fabric felt rough on the sensitized flesh and John’s dick jerked with every deep breath Rodney took.

John closed his eyes and rolled his head back, deciding to let Rodney do as he wanted, then he felt the wet heat of Rodney’s tongue running up his shaft. John gasped and grunted, his hips lifting off the desk, when Rodney ran his tongue over the head.

“Oh, Jesus, Rodney,” John sighed, and Rodney’s tongue moved down again.

Rodney’s licks went from long and slow to short and quick, moving like a kitten lapping up warm cream.

John’s hips were rocking up as he searched for more contact from Rodney, but Rodney ignored him and continued licking.

John growled in a mixture of pleasure and frustration and threaded his fingers into Rodney’s hair; he pressed them against Rodney’s scalp and growled again.

Rodney seemed to take the hint, and John felt warmth engulf his cock.

“Ahh,” John sighed and looked down at Rodney.

Rodney was giving John’s head a lot of attention, sucking and licking, his tongue pressing against the slit. John hissed and bit his lip, his head flopped back onto the desk with a light thump.

The fingers of Rodney’s left hand pushed between John’s ass and the desk, and he massaged the muscle as his right hand slid under John’s shirt to his nipple. John sucked a breath through his nose when Rodney pinched the hard flesh, pulling gently, and rolled it between his fingers. John moaned when Rodney released the nipple and pressed the pad of his index finger on the nub.

Rodney pulled hard on John’s dick and John’s hips jerked forward. “God,” He whispered harshly and tightened his grip on Rodney’s hair. Rodney grunted and John loosened his fingers, remembering Rodney’s sensitive scalp.

Rodney’s lips were tight around John’s dick and he was pulling back and pushing forward. He seemed to be sucking the stress and tension out of John’s body through his dick, and John could feel his muscles relaxing despite the fact that he was approaching orgasm.

John moaned and rocked his hips up, again and again. He pressed his fingers against Rodney’s scalp again as he came.

Rodney’s throat worked around him as he swallowed. John groaned and closed his eyes again.

“Damn, Rodney,” He whispered and swallowed hard.

When John opened his eyes, Rodney was above him, smiling down at him.

“Feel better?” Rodney asked.

John smiled back. “Yeah, a lot better.” John leaned up and kissed Rodney; he wrapped his arms around Rodney’s shoulders and pulled him down on top of him.

“Colonel Sheppard?” Chuck’s voice came through John’s ear piece.

“Yeah?” John asked, trying to put a little of the strength Rodney had stolen from him back in his voice.

“We just got a message from Colonel Caldwell,” Chuck said. “He said they’ll be arriving within half an hour.”

“Okay,” John replied. “Thank you.” John tapped his ear piece cutting the connection.

“Are you about to be demoted back to the simple military commander?” Rodney asked lightly.

“Yup,” John replied his muscles felt a lot looser than he had awhile ago, and his mind was finally calm. “It can’t come soon enough.” He stood up, tucked himself back in and buttoned his fly. He cleared the glass and straightened Woolsey’s desk planner. “Let’s get out of here,” John said and headed toward to door.


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