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Fic: On a Boat-Day 14 of Sex on the Fly Rated NC-17

On a Boat-Day 14 of Sex on the Fly

Rating: NC-17

Word count: 925

Disclaimer: They’re not mine; I’m just playing with them.

Summary: “Relax, Rodney,” John said and tried to loosen the white knuckled grip Rodney had on the ledge of the boat.

A/N: I’d like to apologize in advance if this story isn’t very good. I’m still very sick and my brain is fried with fever! It took me approximately 6 hours to write this short story. I may have to put tomorrow’s story off until I feel better, but I’m hoping to feel better by morning.

And once again, the story isn’t beta’d because both my betas are busy this weekend.

Thanks for understanding!


“Relax, Rodney,” John said and tried to loosen the white knuckled grip Rodney had on the ledge of the boat.

“The last time I was on a boat, I was eaten by a giant whale,” Rodney told John.

John chuckled. “That was a dream, Rodney. It wasn’t even your dream; it was a manipulation of your brain by an evil alien that looked like me.”

“Somehow that doesn’t make me feel better,” Rodney said.

John stopped trying to take Rodney’s hand off the ledge, instead he sat behind him, putting his legs on either side of Rodney’s hips and scooted forward until his chest was pressed tight against Rodney’s back.

“That boat was a lot smaller than this one, Rodney,” John spoke softly in Rodney’s ear. His hands were resting lightly on Rodney’s hips and he rubbed them down Rodney’s thighs and back up again. “And we were floating on the ocean in Pegasus then, we’re on Earth now and our whales aren’t that big.”

Rodney sighed and shook his head. “You knew I had some issues before you entered into a relationship with me, and yet you did it anyway. Why?”

John shrugged and kissed the back of Rodney’s neck. “I like a challenge?” John joked.

Rodney laughed sarcastically. “You’re an ass,” he said.

“Maybe,” John replied and his hands slid from Rodney’s hips to his crotch. John pressed his palm against Rodney’s dick and let his fingers curve with Rodney’s body. He gave Rodney’s cock a squeeze, “but I’m your ass,” he said lightly.

“Mmm,” Rodney hummed and John felt both of Rodney’s hands on his thighs. “You are that.”

“Come on,” John said and pushed Rodney to his feet. “Let’s go below.”


“Yeah, there’s a bed down there.” John raised his eye brows.

Rodney took John’s hands and pulled him to his feet. “You’re very convincing,” he said.

                John crawled onto the bed; he straddled Rodney’s hips and leaned down, resting his naked body on top of Rodney’s. He stared down at Rodney as the waves rocked the boat. He loved the gentle back and forth motion, it was calming and relaxing, then the rocking picked up as if the ocean was urging John to get started.

John leaned down and kissed Rodney as he rocked his hips into Rodney’s. He reached onto the nightstand and pulled some lube out of the drawer and handed it to Rodney.

Rodney growled and popped the top of the tube, he stretched underneath John, then John felt a slick finger pressing into him.

John growled Rodney’s name and rocked his hips into Rodney’s.

Rodney hissed in a breath and pressed another finger into John.

John grunted and bucked into Rodney when Rodney’s finger grazed his prostate. “Fuck, Rodney,” he said.

The boat rocking coupled with Rodney touching him was making John’s orgasm impatient and he growled again and leaned up. He slid down Rodney’s legs, forcing Rodney to pull his fingers out, then he took the lube from Rodney and smeared a generous amount on Rodney’s erection.  

John pushed up onto his feet and duck walked up Rodney’s body, Rodney took his erection in his hand and John felt the head brushing against his anus. John sighed as he lowered himself onto Rodney’s cock.

The boat began rocking harder and John began lifting and lowering his body, Rodney’s dick sliding in and out of him with the rhythm of the waves.

“Damn, John,” Rodney sighed and put his hands on John’s hips. He began lifting his ass off the bed, pushing himself further into John.

John reached down and ran his fingers over Rodney’s nipples. He pinched the nubs when they hardened and Rodney moaned at the touch. He moved one hand from John’s hip and wrapped his fist around John’s cock.

John grunted when Rodney ran his thumb over the head before moving his fist in time with John’s movements.

“Ohh,” John moaned. He leaned back and rested his hands on Rodney’s thighs; taking some of the weight off his legs made it possible to pump his hips faster, fucking Rodney harder.

Rodney’s hand sped up to keep the rhythm. He was grunting now every time John pushed down onto him.

John’s breathing was coming faster now and his stomach was on fire with ecstasy.

“Oh God, Oh God…” He chanted as he thrust onto Rodney.

Rodney’s fist tightened a little and John groaned at the renewed pressure. He lowered himself completely onto Rodney, letting Rodney’s thrusting hips do the work.  

John dug his fingers into Rodney’s thighs and groaned as his came, long ropey strands spurting onto his stomach and Rodney’s hand.

Rodney took his hand off John’s spent cock and put it back on his hip. He thrust up into John once more, lifting John in a violent jerk.

John tightened his muscles and squeezed Rodney as he came, milking him with his ass.

When Rodney’s muscles relaxed John lifted himself off his dick and lay beside him. He curled himself around Rodney.

“So,” he asked lazily, “Do you have a better memory of boats now?”

Rodney nodded and moaned.

Thunder rumbled above them and the boat rocked harder.

“At least until we get stuck in that storm,” Rodney said lightly.

“I’ll get us out of here,” John said and sat up.

Rodney turned onto his side and wrapped his arms around his pillow. “Okay, I think I’ll rest while you save my life.”

John laughed as he pulled his pants on. “You do that,” he said and kissed Rodney’s temple.


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