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Fic: Armory-Day 16 of Sex on the Fly Rated NC-17

Armory-Day 16 of Sex on the Fly

Rated: NC-17

Word Count: 1,038

Disclaimer: They’re not mine; I’m just playing with them.

Summary: Rodney walked silently into the armory and found John standing in front of the ammo cabinet with a clipboard. There was something about John with a clipboard that had always turned Rodney on.

A/N: I’ve been so behind and not feeling well so I haven’t had time to get these stories to Beta before they’re due. I hope to get ahead this weekend… but who knows. Please forgive any mistakes!

Thank you!


This wasn’t typical Rodney McKay behavior, but he’d just spent the last week off world with Lorne and a team of scientists. Lorne’s team had found a cave that was giving off an energy signature and Woolsey decided it was worth looking into in case it was a natural source of energy.

It turned out to be just a bunch of glowing rocks and an ancient machine. Rodney left some of the scientists there to study it and he came back to Atlantis, only to find John off world with the rest of the team.

Rodney had gone back to his room and sulked, and possibly even pouted a little. But now it was late, and John was back, and Rodney knew exactly where he could find him. It was inventory time.

                Rodney walked silently into the armory and found John standing in front of the ammo cabinet with a clipboard. There was something about John with a clipboard that had always turned Rodney on.

He walked up behind John, put his arms around his waist and pressed both hands to the front of John’s hips, pulling him back.

John stuck his pen under the clip and turned in Rodney’s arms, resting his forearms on Rodney’s shoulders, the clipboard dangling from his grasp. “Hey,” He said.

“Hey,” Rodney returned and squeezed John’s ass, pulling him closer.

“How’d the mission go?” John asked.

“Eh,” Rodney replied with a curled lip.

“That bad huh?”

“No, not bad. Just a waste of time.”

“Well, if it makes you feel any better; I missed you while you were gone.”

Rodney smiled and planted a soft kiss on John’s lips. “I missed you too,” he replied.

“Shouldn’t you be taking inventory?” John asked, but tightened his arms around Rodney’s shoulders, holding him in place.

“I am,” Rodney returned. “You went off world without me today, to a hostile planet. You got shot at; I have to make sure all my favorite parts are still there.”

“Ah,” John said and inclined his head. “So, what’s the verdict?”

“Hmm, I’m not sure yet, you’re still fully clothed.”

 “Well, that’s easily remedied,” John replied, and Rodney heard the soft click of the armory door locking.

Rodney chuckled and pulled down the zipper of John’s shirt. He pulled the shirt over John’s head, then leaned in, licking one nipple then the other. He flicked his tongue over the nub before gently biting down.

John sucked in a breath through his nose and moaned, and Rodney repeated the attention to the other nipple.

“Those are still there,” Rodney said as he straightened.

He moved to the waistband of John’s pants and unbuttoned them. He pulled the zipper down and pushed his hand into the pants. He palmed John’s dick over the boxers and John leaned into the touch.

“Feels alright,” Rodney said softly. “But I can’t be sure.”

He pushed John’s pants and boxers down and went to his knees. He inspected John’s cock, holding the head between his index finger and thumb, he moved it slightly to one side and then the other, he gently moved it up then down.

“Looks alright, but I’m still not sure.”

He leaned in and licked the shaft from the base to the rim under the head, before running his tongue over the head.

John gasped and sighed, slightly rocking his hips forward.

“Tastes alright, but does it still work?”

“I don’t know,” John said, his voice was low and thick. “You’ll have to test it.”

“Good idea,” Rodney replied.

Rodney leaned forward and took John in until he could feel the head on the back of his throat.

John sighed Rodney’s name and put a hand on Rodney’s head.

Rodney tightened his lips and pulled back until just the head was in his mouth. He pressed the tip of his tongue against the slit and John grunted. Rodney applied pressure as he moved back down, sucking John’s dick back into his mouth.

He ran his tongue along the underside of the shaft, feeling the heated skin slide into his mouth. He tongued the base for a moment before pulling back again.

John’s hand tightened in Rodney’s hair and he moaned long and low.

Rodney hadn’t seen John in a week, but he’d dreamed of him, and he’d woken up every morning thanking the stars that he had his own tent. But he hadn’t masturbated; he’d closed his eyes and thought of whatever would take the erection down, like, Kavanaugh in a fluffy pink tutu and tights.

Now that he had John in the flesh, he didn’t think it’d take more than John’s erotic sex sounds to make him come.

Rodney heard a metallic thump and looked up to find John’s head leaning back against the top shelf of the ammo cabinet. John’s hips were rocking back and forth faster now; he thrust forward as Rodney was moving down his dick. He was grunting and kneading Rodney’s scalp with his fingers.

Rodney felt his dick throbbing with each of John’s thrusts. He began slightly rolling his hips forward and back, causing the material of his boxers to rub against his dick, and he grunted over John’s cock.

He pulled harder on John, and moved one hand to cup John’s balls; he massaged them gently with his fingers.

Rodney heard a clatter as John’s clipboard finally fell from his hand and he put the hand on Rodney’s head with the other, and fisted his fingers in Rodney’s hair. He grunted and thrust into Rodney’s mouth pulling Rodney’s head close and he came down Rodney’s throat.

Rodney stiffened as John’s come spurted onto the back of his throat, and he came in his boxers.

He pulled off of John and sighed; he licked his lips as John helped him to his feet.

“So,” John asked as he tucked himself away. “Does it work to your satisfaction?”

“Oh yeah,” Rodney replied and leaned against the wall until some of the strength came back into his legs. “Considering that I have a load of fresh hot come in my boxers, I’d say it definitely works.”

John chuckled and leaned against Rodney. “So, you’ll be taking inventory tomorrow, right?” He raised his brows at the question.


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