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Fic: In a car-Day 21of Sex on the Fly rated NC-17

In a Car-Day 21 of Sex on the Fly

Rating: NC-17

Word count: 2,004

Genre: AU/first time

Disclaimer: They’re not mine; I’m just playing with them.

Summary: Rodney didn’t ask if he had a car or where he was staying, he just walked through the parking lot and John followed.



John saw him sitting alone in the back corner of the bar. He hadn’t come out looking to pick up a guy, or be picked up, but something about the man with thinning brown hair made John want him, more than he’d ever wanted anyone.

He ordered himself another beer and told the bar tender to give him one of whatever the man in the back corner had been drinking.

He carried the drinks over to the table and sat the glass of beer in front of the man.

“Hey,” John said and sat down across from him.

The man looked up and John looked into the bluest eyes he’d ever seen, his stomach tightened as the man licked his lips and tipped his head. “Hey,” he returned.

“Name’s Sheppard, John Sheppard,” John introduced himself.

“Dr. Rodney McKay,” the man returned.

John had been watching him for awhile now. He’d seen countless guys walk over and try to start a conversation with McKay, but he hadn’t given them the time of day. He hadn’t even opened his mouth to speak to them; he just continued looking around the bar and drinking his draft. It never took more than a couple minutes for the guys to realize that McKay wasn’t interested in them, and they left. John would have thought, after so many guys walked away from the table without even the man’s name that the others would eventually give up, but McKay apparently had the same effect on all the other men in the bar that he had on John. McKay had a steady stream of men at his table all evening, but he’d never spoken a word to them. John silently wondered what was so special about him, maybe McKay spoke to him because he was older than all the guys who’d tried to get his attention, or because he bought him a beer or maybe, McKay wanted him too.

“What do you do, John?” McKay asked, and John smiled inwardly because, not only had McKay given him his name, he initiated the next portion of the conversation.

“I’m a pilot,” John replied.

“What airline?”

“A fighter pilot, in the air force,” he clarified.

“You’re taking a risk by being here.” It wasn’t a question.

“I’m careful,” John told him, and it was true. John never talked about his sexual orientation or even hinted to the fact that he liked men. In the showers he never tried to sneak any peeks, he wasn’t interested in anyone in his unit anyway. And when they went out on shore leave, John danced with the pretty girls who hit on him; there was never a shortage of women flirting with him. He also made sure no one was ever around when he stepped into a gay bar, and he had a story prepared just in case someone he knew did see him go in or come out.

“What are you interested in, John?” McKay asked.

“At the moment, I’m interested in you.”

“What are you here for?”

“I’m at the bar for a few drinks; I’m at this table because I want you to leave with me.” John saw no reason to lie about that. He had the feeling that Rodney had the ability to smell a lie anyway.

“Let’s go,” Rodney said and got up from the table. He left the money for his drinks on the bar and headed toward the door. John did the same and he could feel every eye in the place watching them leave.

Rodney didn’t ask if he had a car or where he was staying, he just walked through the parking lot and John followed.

They stopped at a silver Impala and Rodney pressed a button on his key ring.

John got into the car when Rodney opened the back door, and Rodney got in behind him. He turned to face him and Rodney reached out and began unbuckling John’s belt. Rodney leaned forward and firmly kissed John’s lips, pressing his tongue against them until John opened his mouth, then they were kissing frantically, tongues mingling in one another’s mouths.

Rodney had a completely different attitude outside than he had in the bar. Inside he had been as smooth as marble, cool and almost business like, interviewing John as if he were applying for a job. Out here in the car he was all fingers and tongue, and while he was still smooth, there was nothing business like about the way he had quickly freed John’s dick, or the way he was now stroking him.

John sighed and began undoing Rodney’s pants, he spread them as wide as he could get them and pulled Rodney’s erection out through the fly in his boxers. He ran his index finger lightly over the head and Rodney moaned into John’s mouth before breaking the kiss.

Rodney hadn’t leaned away from John; he’d simply stopped kissing him.

“I’d been watching you, John,” Rodney said quietly. “In the bar. You weren’t there to be picked up.”

“No,” John breathed. “I was only there for a drink.”

“What made you come over to me?”

Rodney was still stroking his cock and he was an expert at it. Rodney’s hand was giving him more pleasure than any sexual encounter he’d had in his life.

“I want you,” John told him truthfully. “I wanted you from the moment I saw you.”

“And yet you stayed at the bar while countless boys came over and tried to pick me up. Why?”

“I…” he sighed when Rodney’s thumb moved smoothly over the head of his dick. “I don’t know. I was trying to get a read on you.”

“Did you?”

John shook his head slightly. “No,” he said.

“I want to fuck you, John. Will you let me do that? Right here, in this parking lot.”

“Yes,” John said breathily.

Rodney pulled his hand off of John’s dick and shifted his weight. John pushed up and pushed his pants down below his ass; he toed his shoes off and pulled the pants off completely.

Rodney moved smoother than the tight space should have allowed, and then his pants were gone as well. He reached under the driver’s seat and pulled out a small metal box, he opened the box and pulled out a condom and a tube of lube.

John wondered how often Rodney picked up men in gay bars and fucked them in the back seat of his car, but then Rodney was pushing him down with a hand on his chest and the thought was gone.

John watched as Rodney got to his knees and rolled the condom over his erection then slicked the lube over it. He pulled his knees up and spread his legs, resting one foot on the headrest of the passenger seat and the other on the headrest of the rear passenger.

Rodney leaned over him, balancing himself with a hand beside John on the edge of the seat, then John felt the cool wet head of Rodney’s condom covered dick pressing against his hole. He sucked in a breath and moaned it out when the head pushed in.

Rodney was pushing into him with a smooth steady motion and didn’t stop until John could feel Rodney’s balls pressed against his ass.

John looked up at Rodney and their eyes locked, they stared at one another for a long moment, and then Rodney closed his eyes and began gliding in and out of John, moving nothing more than his hips.

John rolled his head back on the seat and moaned; Rodney’s slow rhythmic motion was making his entire body tingle with want and need. This encounter was the epitome of what John had been searching for his entire life. John usually liked the sex with men he’d picked up, or who had picked him up, to be fast and over quick so he could get out, but he’d be perfectly happy in this position, with this man, for the rest of his life.

Rodney moaned and grunted and John looked up at him. Rodney had his lower lip between his teeth and he was breathing deeply through his nose, but he hadn’t picked up any speed, he was still sliding in and out smoothly and just as slowly as he had been since the beginning. He opened his eyes and looked down at John, and moaned again. Rodney leaned down and kissed him, the kiss was as slow as the movement of his hips. His tongue was dancing gracefully in John’s mouth, not leaving any part of it untouched.

John groaned and rolled his hips up, not so Rodney would thrust faster, the sex was perfect just as it was, but John wanted more of Rodney inside him. He wanted to take Rodney as far into him as was possible, he wanted to feel Rodney’s dick touching things inside him that had never been touched before. Rodney had turned John’s blood into liquid fire, and his muscles were trembling with the heat.

John deepened the kiss, wrapping his arms around Rodney’s shoulders and pulling him closer.

Rodney sighed and pushed deeper into John, keeping the slow rhythm constant. He moved his hips now in a way that caused John’s leaking cock to rub exquisitely between their bodies.

Every nerve in John’s body was singing with absolute pleasure and he willed his orgasm back, he wasn’t ready for this to end. He turned away from Rodney’s mouth when it became impossible to get enough oxygen through his nose.

Rodney’s mouth moved to his neck and John could feel him sucking. He knew there would be a deep purple mark there when Rodney finished, but he didn’t care. Marks like that were usually a turn off for him, but feeling Rodney’s tongue sliding wetly over the skin in his mouth made John hotter and he grunted, feeling his hold on his orgasm slipping.

“Oh… Rodney,” he breathed. His hips jerked and he came against Rodney’s stomach. The mess was smeared between them as Rodney continued sliding in and out of him.

Rodney was breathing heavier now, through his mouth which had pulled off of John’s neck with a wet smack. His motion was as smooth and slow as ever, but there was a momentary pause each time Rodney was buried inside John.

Rodney bared his teeth and grunted, then sighed, and John wished he could feel Rodney’s come gushing into him from his dick.

Their eyes were locked again as they both panted heavily, trying to catch their breath. Rodney was still inside John and neither of them said anything, but their silence was speaking volumes.

When Rodney pulled out of John, he felt empty, he’d never felt empty after sex and it wasn’t a feeling he liked.

Rodney sat up and opened the box again; he pulled out a small plastic bag and three white packets.

John knew he should sit up and prepare to get out of the car, but his muscles were still trembling too much to even attempt motion.

Rodney put his hand on his dick and began peeling off the condom. John closed his eyes and turned away, then he felt something cold and wet rubbing his stomach and he looked down. Rodney was cleaning him with a moist-towelette, he cleaned his stomach, then used a second one and gently cleaned John’s dick and balls. Then he used a third to clean himself.

John finally sat up, he wanted to say something, wanted to let Rodney know how good that had been, wanted to tell him it was the best he’d ever had, but he couldn’t find any words that wouldn’t make him sound like an idiot.

“John,” Rodney said quietly.

“Yeah?” John asked.

“You’re on leave, right?”


“Come home with me?” Rodney asked, almost shyly.

“Yeah,” John answered without hesitation.

Something had happened that night, and John hadn’t been the only one to feel it. He would happily spend his leave with Rodney. And his life.


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