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Fic: Conference Room-Day 25 of Sex on the Fly Rated PG-13

Conference Room-Day 25 of Sex on the Fly

Rating: PG-13

Word count: 673

Disclaimer: They’re not mine; I’m just playing with them.

Summary: How many times had John had him in a position like this? Driving him sexually insane, unable to say or do anything, unable to react at all.



Rodney smiled inwardly as he thumbed the head of John’s dick. How many times had John had him in a position like this? Driving him sexually insane, unable to say or do anything, unable to react at all.

All Rodney could think as John scooted closer to the table and explained their most recent off world mission to Woolsey was: payback’s a bitch. Of course, Rodney had firsthand knowledge of how sweet a bitch it could be. He also knew that he’d be in for one hell of a night with John once this debriefing was over.

He put his index finger over the slit in John’s dick and pressed lightly, moving it like a joystick.

John’s voice cracked slightly and he cleared his throat before continuing.

Rodney didn’t want to get John off, that would be messy and hard to explain. He wanted to take him to just this side of orgasm then take him to his room, strip him to nothing and lick every inch of his body before getting him back to the breaking point.

Rodney wrapped his hand loosely around John’s dick and slowly stroked upward. When he had stroked down to the base, he pushed his fingers further into John’s unzipped pants and pressed them against his balls, feeling them move in the sac.

John sucked in a breath. “Um-” he said as cover then shakily went back into his explanation. He rolled his hips in his chair, pretended to reposition himself and reached below the table. He took Rodney’s hand, pulled it off his balls and put it back on his dick.

Rodney chuckled aloud and bit his lip.

“Did you have something to add Dr. McKay?” Woolsey asked.

“No,” Rodney said and shook his head. “John’s pretty much covered everything.” He gave John’s dick a squeeze and John’s hips jumped slightly. “Except for the fact that these people have no technology and even less clothing. The men walked around completely nude 100% of the time.” He began slowly stroking John’s dick again, remembering the several encounters they had with men having sex in the open.

John grunted when Rodney tightened his strokes. “That’s not all they did in the nude,” he said obviously remembering the same thing.

“Meaning?” Woolsey asked.

“They conducted all their business that way too,” Rodney said, saving John from having to explain why he’d just grunted.

“You said the men were nude,” Woolsey commented.

“Yes,” Teyla said softly. “They believed the female body to be… hideous.” She was clearly upset by that.

“Male nudity was their custom,” She said, having composed herself.

“They made us take off out clothes too,” Ronon told them. “And Teyla had to stay inside with all the other women.”

Rodney could tell that John was struggling to keep himself contained; his hips were now rocking up into Rodney’s hand as discreetly as possible.

“There’s no reason to go back to the planet,” Rodney said, ready to get the debrief over and get John back to his room.

“Do you agree, colonel?” Woolsey asked.

“Yes, completely agree, 100%, Rodney’s right,” John spoke quickly.

“Alright, I’ll have Chuck make a note in the database,” Woolsey said. He gathered his things and stood up. “If there’s nothing else, this meeting is concluded.”

“Nope, nothing else,” John said.

Rodney took his hand off John’s dick and pretended to type something on his laptop. He nodded at Woolsey as he walked around the table and out the door.

He heard John’s pants being zipped when they were alone and he turned toward him.

“You’re dead when we get back to your room, you know that right?” John asked as he stood up.

“I’m counting on it,” Rodney replied and followed John’s lead. He closed his laptop and tucked it under his arm. He bent his head and chuckled at the tent in John’s pants. “I didn’t do that did I?” he asked teasingly.

“Let’s get the hell out of here,” John said urgently.

Rodney chuckled and followed John out of the room.


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